Darkness Production - software development company that uses specially developed algorithms for solve all sorts of tasks.
Founded in 2009. The company specializes in developing software for the platforms iOS/Mac.




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The application from the active EUC owners!

Taste the wonderful world of the Itemz!
Rising higher and higher, avoiding all obstacles and dangers!
Cold colors are indicated friends, which can be pushed defending herself.
Warm colors are indicated enemies to be avoided. Be careful!
Reach new geometric items!
Tap the screen to the left or right side to make a jump in the desired direction.

First iOS game about monowheel! Try yourself as monowheel rider! How far you can ride berore you fall?

Plug Map - It is a cloud service to find plugs and other charger sources all over the world!
Share your plugs and charger sources with everyone!

Do you Like the song? Publish it instantly in social networks!

A unique player will delight it to you with cool features and interface.

Together with Darkness Player, you can publish your songs what you are listening to the social networks right from your iPod and share them with your friends!

iFile - multifunctional file manager for iOS, combining a full-fledged work with files, powerful browser, a nice player and viewer for all known types of files.

The ability to customize control multitouch gestures makes using this application nicer and faster.

Collapsar is the perfect simple styled and friendly designed Twitter client for the iPhone. The main purpose of our app is giving a opportunity to users of Ywitter to pass the tweet limit in 140 symbols in one tweet by posting a twitter style text picture, which looks amazing and clearly. The app is completely free and was developed by HackTeam.

The best program that shows the most important data on your device!

Performed in the usual style of turning pages SpringBoard!

iScanner - Best Tracking App

With it you can see the Rating, History Ranks and Features of any application!

It is required for both developers, users and for curious guests.

The most famous game of childhood now on iPhone and iPod Touch!!!
This is a game that can bring you fame as the man most flexible and agile fingers in front of the amazed public and without unpleasant consequences.
But most importantly "Twister" - a required attribute if you want to enliven the company of friends.
You just need to run the game and enjoy the fun as the one on the road or at home or with your loved one.

Poker Cheater - this is the best of its kind application that allows you to easily find the probability of your poker hand!

Suitable for all, both beginners and professionals!

Darts Cheat - solution to one of the major problems associated with the game of darts, such as the lack of full board to keep score.

Now this problem is solved by installing a this application for your device.